Northcote otherwise known as Mathew Daniel Gourd is a Canadian singer , songwriter and guitarist.

Two years ago my boyfriend and I attended a concert for a band we both loved. While waiting in the line outside on a freezing Toronto night two guys walked out of the restaurant beside the concert venue and started talking to the crowd about the upcoming bands and how the show was sure to be a good one. Unbenonced to us we were talking to two members of one of the opening acts Northecote . These guys were super easy to talk to and genuinely wanted to get to know the fans and concert goers outside they even thanked familiar faces for supporting them and coming out to see them again. Northcote was a band I had never heard of before that night and I had no idea what to expect from them. When they took the stage there was an immediate silence from the audience as everyone realized they were who we had been talking to outside.

From the very first note of the very first song they played you could tell they had made a fan out of not only me but everyone in the venue. By the third song people were dancing around and trying to sing along even though most of us did not know the words .

It was easy to see why this band had hooked everyone they had this incredible stage presence that captivated the audience not to mention song lyrics that whether or not you grew up in a small town you could relate to with lyrics like ” small town dreams of big city lights ” which would be related to on a number of different levels.
The lead singers voice could easily go from slow ballad to upbeat rock song without missing a beat. The band performed together so effortlessly it was almost as if they’d been doing it their entire lives. The band focuses a lot of attention on guitar throughout their music switching between electric and acoustic guitar. The band writes about their experiences of growing up in a small Canadian town and trying to break free into being a big household name. When they were done performing many memebers of the crowd went rushing to buy their cd and it was easy to see why.

Theres so much I could say about this band and how great they are but let’s get down to letting you hear for yourself .

Here is Northcote with the song that hooked the crowd that night Hope Is Made of Steel

Hope Is Made Of Steel


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