To start  things off I want to give a big thank you to the followers new and old who have stuck by this blog through it’s hiatuous. Life gets busy and unfortunately the blog took a backseat. But over the past few days I’ve realized I’m ready to come back to Loveofthemusic and make it better then ever.

Naturally I searched long and hard for a new band to showcase on the blog worthy of being the first band featured after the hiatus and today I found that band.

I discovered NeedToBreathe while looking through my reccomended section of Apple Music and I was hooked from the very first note. NeedToBreathe is an American Christian rock band shattering every stereotype you might have about Christian rock music.  From the very first notes of the first song I heard I was pulled in and hooked instantly before hearing any of the vocal power of the lead singer.

The lead singer brings powerhouse vocals with a blues feel amongst them which alongside guest vocals of Serena Ryder in the song  Hard Love comes together to create this melodic blues rock song that had me hitting repeat.

With heavy influence on guitar in their songs the band provides the perfect flow of vocals to instrumentation to shatter all common stereotypes of Christian Rock music.

Here’s NeedToBreathe with Hard Love

Hard Love


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