Have Mercy

Have Mercy is an American rock band from Baltimore who are currently signed to hopeless records. The band have been signed to hopeless records since 2011 and are releasing their new record in 2017.

You never know when and where you might find your new favourite band it could be while driving in the car listening to your favourite radio station or maybe you hear a song in the grocery store that hooks you. For me this new band discovery happened in believe it or not a tattoo shop. Now don’t get me wrong I love all kinds of music but I’ve always had a soft spot for a really good rock band and Have Mercy is that band that all it took was one song and I was hooked.

While sitting in there listening I quickly wanted to hear more and instantly looked them up the second I had left . Have Mercy brings A Day To Remember vibe with more slowed down rock songs and edgy well thought lyrics. Songs like The Place You Love come at the listener with strong lyrics ” So why’d you do it,I can’t trust you anymore” which the listener can quickly relate to. The band brings slow hooks with strong guitar filled choruses that are sure to make a rock lover out of anyone.

From their 2014 album  A Place Of Our Own here’s Have Mercy with The Place You Love

The Place You Love


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