From Ashes To New

From Ashes To New is an American rock band from Pennsylvania  and formed in 2013 and released their newest album Day One in 2016.

One of the great things about being a music blogger is you have a love for all kinds of music from pop to rock and so on. And From Ashes To New seemed like the perfect band to add to the posts on the blogs. From Ashes To New is considered heavy rock but they’re not what might come to mind when you hear the genre heavy rock. Most people might think that to be considered a heavy rock band they’re needs to be screaming and border line metal instrumentation going on. But that’s not the case with From Ashes To New as they posses an almost Linkin Park sound style with the way you’ll hear both a mix of rapping with singing. The band also comes together to combine the perfect amount of heavy guitars with hard drum beats and just the right amount of electronic sounds thrown in.

Its not hard to see why hard rock stations like Octane are quickly adding this bands music to their playlist. From Ashes To New is the perfect band for anyone into rock music and wanting something a little heavy without crossing into the metal genres.

I know personally after a long day at work rock music is my go to wind down playlist of choice for the drive home. And From Ashes To New allows you just the right mix of rock and hard rock

From their latest album here’s From Ashes To New with Breaking Now

Breaking Now



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