I’ve posted about Some Kind Of Illness before but they recently released a new album and I had to share it with you guys. I’ve had the pleasure of staying in touch with one of the members of the band over the past few months and when he told me they had released a new album I was eager to listen.

I love Some Kind Of Illness for so many reasons. The way their music videos all tell a story to the way their music makes you want to sit back close your eyes and just take it all in. With the new album comes the hautingly beautiful melodies of Seattle with its acoustic guitar to slow sung lyrics that make the listener want to sit back and get lost in the music. To the acoustic melodies of songs like Cityscapes and 2019 That although feature little to no words still deliver this beautiful calming effect.

Souls flows from start to finish to create a beautiful collection of calming instrumentals , well sung lyrics and powerful acoustic guitar that goes straight to the listeners heart.

No matter what style of music you’re into this album offers a little something for everyone ao sit back relax and take in the album in its entirety and joy the clear soul and passion that was put into each and every song.



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