The Arkells are a Canadian rock band from Hamilton Ontario in 2006 the band signed to Dine Alone Records but have since signed with Universal Records. The band has won numerous Grammy awards for their songs. The Arkells got their name from a street in Halmiton called Arkells street where the band would often practice their music.


If if you’re from Ontario like I am you’re bound to have heard of The Arkells and it’s not hard to see why this band is not only taking Canada but the rest of the world by storm. The band has a number of big hits like 11:11 and Whistle Blower which are bound to get you hooked to their music. No matter what cd you listen to The Arkells come at you with great Canadian rock music with a bit of an indie edge that provides just the right amount of get up and dance with sing your heart out ballads. Anyone knows that when 11:11 comes on the have to sing your heart out to the catchy lyrics. The band not only provides killer vocals and music that make you want to turn the volume up to 10 in your car but they also provide great stage presence in their live performances and promise to put on a live show that’s sure to leave you talking about it for the next few months to come.

Not only is the band making a big name for themselves they’ve also been the opening act for quite a few Canadian musicians such as Lights, Billy Talent , The Tragicslly Hip and Metric just to name a few which has helped the band create the dedicated fan base they have today.

So let’s kick the first blog post of the new year off with one of the earlier songs that made the Arkells a Canadian household name Oh, The Boss Is Coming

Oh,The Boss Is Coming




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